About me

Hey I’m Celine and I started painting in high school and became intrigued by other artists skills and techniques, I wanted to advance my skills by learning from others.

I started college as an Art Education major, I plan to get my master’s degree in Art Therapy. In college, I learned about what my art means to me.

I began to explore different mediums and subjects and people took interest in my process as well as my meaning behind these paintings.

I take time for myself to create these paintings to express myself and my thoughts in hope that others can connect to these paintings. I hope you find a piece that you connect with!

Discover the new trend that creates a unique experience at your wedding.

I capture a moment in your wedding and create a fine art piece for you to hang as a work of art highlighting a beautiful moment with you and your significant other.

I love to work with couples to plan exactly what you envision for your dream wedding.

Click the video to watch other’s reaction to their special moment captured in fine art.



Such a beautiful deep unique paiting i've ever seen! I truly love it. GO BUY IT!
Mike Lopez
Hestia (painting)
This print has a very calming effect on me. I especially love your use of color in the water, it mimics movement so well. You are very talented!
Patricia Simmel
Seven (painting)
Absolutely stunning and nice to look at. Perfect way to spend my birthday money!!
Paige Jones
Hestia (painting)
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